Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yu Hsiang Eggplant

Recipe from Big Oven:


* 1 lb Eggplant
* 3 Whole dried red chilies;
* Veg oil for deep frying
* 1 Clove garlic; finely chopped
* 1 ts Finely chopped fresh ginger
* 1 ts Finely chopped scallions;
* 1 tb Light soy sauce
* 1 ts Light brown sugar
* 1 tb Hot bean sauce
* 1 tb Chinese rice wine or dry
* 1 tb Rice vinegar
* 2 ts Cornstarch paste
* 1 ts Finely chopped scallions;
* Few drops sesame oil


Cut eggplant into short strips the size of french fries - the skin can either be peeled or left on, whichever you prefer. Cut the soaked red chilies into 2-3 small pieces and discard the seeds. In a wok, heat the oil and deep fry the eggplant "fries" for about 3-4 minutes or until limp. Remove and drain. Pour off excess oil, leaving about 1 tbsp in the wok. Add the garlic, ginger, scallion whites, chilies, stir a few times. Add all seasonings and bring to a boil. Add eggplant to the wok, blend well, and braise for 30-40 seconds, then thicken until smooth. Garnish with the scallion greens and sprinkle with the sesame oil. Posted to EAT-L Digest by Victor Fiorillo on Apr 3, 1998

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